Bamboo Line

The Bamboo Classic Line is the historical line of the Moki brand. It’s characterized by the exclusive bamboo-carbon look and its boards have a classic shape in longboard style, very performing in the waves but at the same time very suitable for an all-round use in flat water.

Green Line

The Green Line is characterized by the typical Moki “green” in the hull and along the rails and by the natural deck in bamboo. Thanks to the new shapes, this is the most sportive and versatile line of the entire Moki range. Very accessible boards with excellent performances in flat water and funny maneuverability in the waves.

Explorer Line

The Explorer Line includes two bamboo models, developed to better paddle and to get excited in contact with nature. A board, Kiwi, very easy, stable and comfortable to be used by the whole family even with the sail; the other, Dragster, for lovers of long-distance or fitness, to keep fit by pushing your limits and, why not, to approach the competition with one of the most competitive board of the category.

Into the nature

Into the Nature is characterized by the deck entirely in high-density EVA (soft top), which offers a high comfort in all gaits. It’s a stable and easy board with excellent performance. A benchmark in the category for an intensive use in schools and for hire. The design is minimal but very effective for a board of this category, with a very slender shape and functional for the first approaches and rapid progress while ensuring excellent overall performance even later. In line with Moki philosophy regarding the care of the products and the attention to details, this board is equipped with a dedicated sup bag included in the price. Next to the traditional model 10’ EP (Epoxy), it’s now available also the new 10’6” size with the new PC construction (polycarbonate molded shell). The material used to make the difference in the PC model is the polycarbonate and the board is realized with a special hot-molding process. Thanks to the characteristics of polycarbonate, the result is a very resistant, especially, to collision and abrasion shell, and therefore ideal for boards that are highly stressed and exploited as for rental or in the schools.


New generation for Moki inflatable line, now with renewed design that makes use of the best currently available technology (D-Stitch / PVC / double rail tape / UVproof). The ideal combination of the thickness of the different layers (double layer rail tape) has been researched to ensure a considerable increase of rigidity, robustness and to allow to increase the inflation pressure (now 18/20psi with the new dedicated pump). The modern shape, different for each board size, allows long-term reliability and high slip both in flat water and in the waves. The new finishes and the new construction lead our inflatable to an higher level.

HP New Wave Line

HP means High Performance and this is a line of professional boards, made with the best available composite materials. The boards of this line have a dedicated shape for size, weight and ability. They have been designed and developed for demanding riders with no limits, who seek in the waves their highest expression and freedom. Lightness is a not insignificant detail that distinguishes them! Their exclusive look highlights the essence, showing the deck and hull sanded up to find out the carbon. They have special rails, reinforced with carbon, with black/green livery and protected by a further special ultra-resistant glossy varnish. They have an internal shell entirely of high density PVC to increase rigidity and to ensure resistance. A line designed for getting the maximum confidence in waves, with no limits and no compromise, suitable for all types of waves in the world and competitions.



Construction: superlight hi-density Eps foam (10kgm3) 3K Carbon, Innegra Hybrid\Carbon, Pvc shell, fiberglass, bamboo, Kevlar.